July 10, 2014

StrideTek® Tactical Trainers

First responders and soldiers spend long hours on duty with most of that time on their feet.  The demands placed on the bodies of these men and women is rigorous and unforgiving. It's no surprise they often suffer from intense foot, leg, and back pain related to improper support in their boots and shoes. 


StrideTek's® Tactical Trainer orthotic insole is up to the challenge of relieving that pain.  StrideTek's patented technology allows users to experience the benefits and support of an orthotic with the comfort and convenience of an insole. StrideTek’s revolutionary design encourages proper biomechanics throughout the entire stride gait. The heel, arch and patented metatarsal riser work together as an integrated insole unit to provide maximum resistance against pronation (rotating inward), the major cause of lower extremity discomfort. 

StrideTek provides real comfort all day long and from the first day wearing our orthotic insoles.  Use our Tactical Trainer and leave your feet to us so you can focus more on what is important in your job.