Cross Trainer – Orthotic Insoles

 What makes Stridetek Insoles so different? Watch this video to find out!

Utilized by some of the world's most recognized athletes, StrideTek technology allows users to experience the benefits and support of an orthotic with the comfort and convenience of an insole.
  • The patented metatarsal riser posts the foot from front to back preventing pronation and supination.
  • The heel, arch and metatarsal riser work together as an integrated insole unit to ensure proper biomechanics throughout the stride
  • Perfect for athletes such as runners, hikers, and skiers
  • Excellent for plantar fasciitis, shin splints, high arches and general foot pain
  • 30 Day money back guarantee!
  • Free shipping in U.S.

PLEASE NOTE: 1/2 sizes should order up (ex. Mens 7.5/Womens 8.5 should order Mens 8/Womens 9)

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